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You'll find my webpage sets here. If you decide to use one, two, or even parts of one, just drop me an e-mail to let me know the URL of where you used it. NOT that I am going to do any kind of critique, mind, they're free for you to use as you please! I just like to see them "in action"...

Please do not include them in any sets for resale or do not take credit for them, as, I appreciate your realization that I worked very hard to create them, and, would like the credit. Please include any one of my buttons at the bottom of each webset page for a link back to this URL:

I hope you enjoy shopping around on my site! Creating webpages can be fun, and, a good learning experience, as well. If you are just learning to put up a webpage, you may also e-mail me for html help. I'll be glad to help! Enjoy!


These buttons go with this set!

And, when you're finished shopping around, why not go visit my best netfriend of all? Ladybear is so very cool and she has a cool Den, too!